Visual Semiotics (visiting professor)


Visual Semiotics (visiting professor)


Anno accademico 2018/2019

Everardo Reyes (Referente)
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Periodo didattico
Secondo semestre
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M-FIL/05 - filosofia e teoria dei linguaggi
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Course description

This course explores the history, the main lines of theoretical developments, and the most advanced application tools of visual rhetoric and semiotics, with specific reference to the field of the present- day digital visual communication. The course will focus on interdisciplinary areas of investigation at the intersection between humanities and computing sciences in applied cases such as qualitativequantitative visual analysis; description and exploration of visual corpora; and visualization techniques for visual media. The course will adopt a both theoretical and practical approach, with the involvement of students in software manipulation to assist the creation of an applied project.

Learning objective

Students will be familiarized with the history and main theories of visual semiotics. They will learn how this field of study is changing under the influence of the massive digitalization of images and their exponential circulation through social networks. Students will also become acquainted with the current trends at the crossing boundaries between humanities and computing sciences for the analysis and visualization of digital images. At the end of the course, students will be able to know how digital images construct their meaning and make it available for countless operation of re-mediation throughout the semiosphere.

Structure of the course

  • Part 1. Theories of visual media
  • Part 2. Foundations of digital image
  • Part 3. Images and interfaces
  • Part 4. Practicing media visualization

Modalità di verifica dell'apprendimento

Students will be evaluated with an applied project in which they demonstrate their knowledge, original insights, and technical skills regarding visual semiotics. The project will be elaborated in small teams and advised by the teacher on a weekly basis.


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