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Collegio Internazionale e SSU - College Workshop Taking care of Venice NUOVA SCADENZA iscrizioni

Pubblicato: Lunedì 3 giugno 2024

Dear Students,

we are writing to inform you that the deadline for the College Workshop  "Taking care of Venice" has been postponed to 4 June.

The goal of the research laboratory is to investigate and document through artistic languages the various "practices of care" developed in Venice over the past decade to preserve the city's heritage, essence, and livelihood. The focus will be on practices initiated by community groups and local organizations, in contrast to large-scale projects proposed by governmental bodies.
The laboratory will combine theoretical exploration (through academic lectures and interdisciplinary class discussions with lead scholars) and practical applications (through immersive field investigations in urban initiatives of “practices of care” accompanied by an artist-mentor).
The workshop will take place from 18th - 21st June, 2024

Please find attached all the information about the workshop and how to register.
For students from Advanced School with a waiver fee, all accommodation costs will be covered.

Teaching methods: Academic and art-based research methods.The research laboratory will combine academic lectures and interdisciplinary class discussions with lead scholars (on day 1 and 4) with field research experience by groups of students. The field research will incorporate visual outputs produced by accompanying artists—filmmakers, photographers, and illustrators—who will partner with each student group. The collaborative presentation weaves together social science-style analysis with artistic expressions. 

Coordinators: Maria Lusiani


Host faculty: Maria Lusiani and Fabrizio Panozzo;

Junior host faculty: Camilla Ferri (Venice School of Management).

Invited speakers (to be confirmed): 

  • Giovanni Allegretti (University of Coimbra) 
  • Ash Amin (Cambridge University);
  • Martin Kornberger (University of Vienna);
  • Chiara Pusetti (University of Lisbon)
  • Karen Till (National University of Ireland).

Artist-mentors: to be selected.
Language: English

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