The School aims at forming a modern governing class for public and private organizations, able to direct functional processes and to address complex problems. The educational program of the School provides the students with a multidisciplinary body of knowledge and expertise in different fields of human, social and natural sciences.
The students of the SSST must be highly motivated, plastic, versatile and interested in each aspect of the culture and knowledge. The School is open to students from all Faculties of the University of Turin, willing to extend their horizons of knowledge and professional perspectives beyond the limits of the educational programs offered by their individual Faculties.

The courses at the SSST are held in parallel to those of the different Faculties of our University. SSST courses integrate and complement the Faculty courses both for their contents and for the teaching modalities. The teaching staff includes professors from the University of Turin and outstanding visiting professors from other Italian and International academic institutions.
The educational program of the SSST includes a wide range of courses and seminars, held by experts in the specific fields. The courses are focused on highly relevant socio-political themes and are conducted with a multidisciplinary attitude that integrates fundamental notions of human and natural sciences. Multidisciplinarity is the core element of the SSST educational program in both the Laurea Triennale (Bachelor Degree), aimed at endowing students with a knowledge-based critical mindset, and the Laurea Magistrale (Master Degree), aimed at providing students with more specific analytical and operative skills.

A detailed description of the SSST courses can be found in the section Structure and organization of the courses

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