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Structure and organization of the courses

The School is structured in two classes:

Government and human sciences (disciplinary areas: Anthropology, Law, Economics, Philosophy, Political Sciences, Sociology, History)

Government and natural sciences (disciplinary areas: Agrarian Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Psychology, Neurosciences and Cognitive Sciences, Earth Sciences, Health Sciences, Statistics).

Students are enrolled in one of the two Classes, but are free to attend courses of the other class or inter-class courses.

In the next academic year (2011-12), all the five years of the School will be activated. Each course of the SSST includes 40 hours (5 credits) of lessons, seminars or technical training. Four courses (20 credits) will be held for each year. Among them, each student has to choose 3 courses (15 credits)/year. Moreover, thanks to bilateral  agreements with external institutions, such as the Collegio Carlo Alberto Foundation, students of the SSST can also acquire credits by attending external courses.

A list of the courses organized for the next academic year can be found at the page:

Educational Program Academic Year 2011-2012

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