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Educational Program 2016-2017 (download)

First Semester

  • Spaceship Earth - Referring Professor: Gabriele Ricchiardi
  • Biomedicine and Scientific Experimentation - Referring Professor: Adalberto Merighi
  • Simbolic Computation - Referring Professor: Marina Marchisio
  • War and terrorism - Referring Professor: Luigi Bonanate
  • Investments - Referring Professor: Patrizia Pia
  • Contemporary Europe - Referring Professor: Francesco Tuccari
  • Determinants of decision making: the concept of free will - Referring Professor: Filippo Bogetto
  • Mathematical Models I - Referring professor: Franco Pastrone e Luigi Rodino
  • Organization of the firms and Public Management - Referring Professors: Luigi Puddu e Silvana Secinaro
  • Political Economy: the economic approach to political Institutions - Referring Professor: Massimiliano Piacenza

Second Semester

  • Law, Politics and GlobalizationLaw, Politics and Globalization - Referring Professor: Simona Novaretti
  • Immigration: local challenges – Referring Professor: Tiziana Caponio
  • English - Referring Professor: Prof. Christopher Owen
  • Social Interaction - Referring Professori: Cristina Becchio
  • Languages in history and society: contacts of civilisations and people – Referring professor: Alessandro Vitale Brovarone
  • Production and culture of food in the twenty-first century – Referring Professor: Giorgio Borreani
  • Complex Systems – Referring Professor: Michele Caselle
  • Ageing Society: a bridge between Frailty and Successful Ageing – Referring Professor: Emanuela Rabaglietti
  • Visiting Professor: to be defined
  • Visiting Professor: to be defined

First and Second Semester

  • Academic Writing and public speaking – Referring Professor: Cristiano Furiassi


- The ca lendar and the timetable of the lessons can be found at CALENDAR OF THE COURSES

- Programs of the courses can be found at COURSES

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